Imperfect Creatures

I was watching the Bruce Jenner interview with family last week. My cousin was a bit unsettled by the concept that someone could be born into the wrong body. To him, it implies that God had made a mistake and that didn’t sit well with him. I gave his comment great thought, but my initial instinct was to rebut it, but I didn’t know how; it’s pretty sound logic after all. How does God, who is infallible, give a man’s body a woman’s soul? While I understood what my cousin was saying, I still felt great empathy for Jenner who was working on becoming his authentic self (something many of us should strive to do) and who was doing something tremendous by publicly telling his story. So which is it: God screwed up or we’re just screwed up? Or maybe it’s neither. Maybe this is the result of a perfect creator and his imperfect creatures. We have never been perfect, in form or function; If we we’re, we wouldn’t have the afflictions, diseases or physical ailments that we do. We accept physical and mental issues as a part of life and not evidence of God making mistakes, so perhaps someone being born into the wrong body is just further evidence of the imperfect creation process rather than an imperfect God.

Author: k allisse

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3 thoughts on “Imperfect Creatures”

  1. hi – i am very agnostic so i can’t really argue theology, but i just thought i’d offer this idea, that maybe Jenner is a perfectly created gender-variant human placed here by God to help his other children realize a higher level of interpersonal empathy among themselves?

  2. God doesn’t make mistakes. A man does not have a “woman’s soul.” The overwhelming majority of male transgenderists have an embarrassing secret.

    Men like Bruce Jenner, who seem to be normal guys, with wives & children, active male lives etc., secretly cross-dress all their lives, and then sometimes “transition” to fake females. They will never admit this — in fact it is an utterly forbidden topic — but they get an erotic thrill from their “feminine selves.” Personally, I think it’s demonic.

    It’s not just erotic — it’s narcissistic and obsessive, pushing them further and further down the road to full transsexualism (surgeries, hormones etc.).

    The condition is called “autogynephilia” — an erotic fantasy “love” of oneself “as a woman.”

    Transgenderists claim that autogynephilia “doesn’t exist,” or that it “doesn’t apply to them,” etc. — but if you simply read their blogs and look at their pictures, autogynephilia is in full effect.

    “Gender identity” is an alibi they use to avoid embarrassment.

    Here is a page with information about autogynephilia, and why it is such an embarrassing, forbidden topic:

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